Prime Mover

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RadMax® Technology Used as a Prime Mover

A RadMax prime mover provides power through the expansion of gases, which in turn is converted to rotational motion. When configured as an internal combustion engine, combustion occurs within the device’s internal combustion chamber. The hot, pressurized gases cause the rotor to revolve, releasing energy through expansion as the combustion chamber increases in volume. 

Gas expansion can also occur in a RadMax device through gases entering from an external source. The externally-sourced gas can be hot and pressurized like that used in a turbine application, or cooler and lower in pressure as in low pressure steam.  In either case, the RadMax gas expander is able to extract energy and provide rotational motion output as the gas expands to a cooler and less pressurized state.

Below are examples of RadMax technology devices that can be designed and used as a primary power source: