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RadMax® Technologies Company Profile

RadMax Technologies, Inc. – a wholly owned subsidiary of REGI US, Inc. – is a research and development company in the business of designing, developing and proving axial vane-type rotary power devices for civilian, commercial and government applications. We are focused on creating new, disruptive technologies that are more efficient, compact and cost-effective than those currently available.

From our headquarters in Spokane, WA, we are working with engineering consultants around North America to develop these devices. Our goal is to license RadMax technology and/or participate in joint ventures to manufacture RadMax products for specific applications. Examples of market segments that could benefit from our technology include (but are not limited to) transportation, aerospace, air conditioning and refrigeration, oil and gas production and distribution, power generation, marine, and military markets.

We invite interested parties to find out more about RadMax Technologies and how you can become a part of this exciting program. Contact Us.

REGI US, Inc. is a publically traded company via the OTC: QB (Symbol: RGUS) and owns all intellectual property and global marketing rights to RadMax technologies.

Regi U.S., Inc. is an Oregon Registered Business and licensed to operate in the state of Washington. All regulatory filings are under Regi U.S., Inc.

For more information about our technology and company, watch a video here and download a company overview and technology presentation here.